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Thanks for taking a look at the books by Teresa Roberts! Adventure, travel, creative lifestyles, and personal freedom are topics that she never tires of exploring. If you read one of her books and enjoy it, consider writing a kind review on Amazon. 


Have you ever dreamed of chucking it all, packing your bags, and heading out into the wild, wild blue yonder? Well, I did just that! I walked away from my career as an educator, sold 99% of my personal belongings and began traveling the world. Years later, I am still at it! Finding the Gypsy in Me tells the story of how I have lived in Malta, Prague, Spain, England, Ireland, the tiny isle of Saba, and more for up to ninety day stretches, moving from country to country as an international house sitter. I have even lived on a 57-foot boat in a marina in Baja California. This book  is a testament to living life on my own terms. It explains a different way of looking at time, money, and travel.  I am living proof that you do not have to be rich to discover your own creative path to freedom

As I travel the world, I continue to meet lots of people who have stepped away from the pack in order to pursue their own path to a freer life, one that lines up with who they are deep inside. My second book, Creative Paths to Freedom, takes a closer look at what other freedom lovers are doing. I do not advocate following in my footsteps. I have found a way of approaching life that works for me, but it is custom designed to suit my talents and desires. Rather, I encourage all to reach deep inside where our creative spirit lies and figure out what works best for YOU. There is reason to be hopeful. Lots of people have succeeded!

Recently, I published a third book. Have We Been Screwed? Trading Freedom for Fairy Tales is a bit more controversial than my previous books but continues to explore the idea of personal freedom. It’s part autobiographical and part philosophical. I contend that breaking free from my childhood of being raised in a religious cult prepared me for the life that I now lead. It was inevitable that I’d become a myth buster by trade.

I hope you enjoy my books. Happy trails, my friends, wherever your journey takes you.

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  1. Hi Teresa,
    Looking forward to your updates and news! Wishing you all the best! :o)

    • Thanks for being such a loyal friend and fellow writer!!!!

  2. Can’t wait to get my copy Teresa!

  3. Hey Teresa, loved your book and looking forward to the next one, and hearing more updates on your travels. The world is a wonderful place and my husband (my patient travel companion) and I are looking forward to our first house sit in the UK this December/January. Best wishes for the future.

    • As you know, Rose, my first house-sitting assignment was in England, too. I loved it! You will, too. Drop me a line to let me know how it went for you.

  4. Glad to see you’re really getting into this writing, blogging thing. Let me know if you think it’s helping sales of your book.

    I’m deep into writing the third novel of what I am now calling “The City Different” series. The first is “City Different.” The second, “Nina’s Time.” This one I’m calling “Losing Nina.” Am thinking of renaming the first, “Finding Nina,” which is what it’s really about. It would better fit the overall theme.

    The first draft of the new one should be finished in a month or so.


    • Thanks, Steve! Good luck with your projects as well!


    I did this too right after I graduated while my student loans had that 6-month grace period. Then I had to start paying them. I’ve managed Canada, Istanbul, and I am currently in Germany. It’s slow moving, because I have to get real jobs to pay my debt as I go 🙁 Hard as hell. Wish I had never bothered with an American priced education, cause I just learned that I can get one for free here in Germany!!!! What a rip off!!!!

    Maybe you have some advice for my situation. How could I do what you did with 60K in student loan debt?

    Daily, I feel shackled to my situation. I just want to hit the open road!!!!

    When I gave away everything I owned back in 2008, I literally hit the pavement on foot, just started hoofing it to wherever my heart could take me. It was AMAZING and I want to keep that up. Alas, I’m trapped in debt!

    (I watch these Wall Street Protests from afar and hope they get some concessions that will help my situation)

    I WILL buy this book….

  6. I think I am going to promote your book on my blog and put a permanent link to this page. I really, really love your take on things 🙂 I am so happy to have stumbled upon another vagabond. I’ve just started my own little blog (still so young at the moment) and I’m wondering where all the vagabonds are online.

    Found one! You 🙂

    I think in many ways, the only way for vagabonds too keep in regular contact with via internet, because we’re always moving. One of my close friends and I have actually managed to meet on more than one continent because we both have wandering feet, but also like each other’s company.

    • Thanks for the interest. I am so happy to discover other people who have started to think about finding their own personal path to freedom. Please feel free to promote my book on your web site! I love sharing my thoughts on life with others. I also welcome any and all ideas that are sent my way. There are a lot of people out there who have used their imagination to transform their own lives. Those personal stories are inspiring to hear. Don’t give up your quest for freedom. Once you know what you want, begin to focus most of your attention on that. We don’t get what we want in life by thinking about what we don’t want. So be deliberate about your intentions and don’t waste time on regrets. There may be quite a few steps between the idea and the realization of the dream, but each step gets you closer. Have you ever thought of looking into teaching abroad? I don’t know what you got your degree in, but that could be a great option for you.

  7. Congratulations on the new paperback Teresa. I saw it online.
    I have ordered proofs for my book and am excited about it. I loved your book and it has inspired me to consider housesitting further afield when I get the chance. Maybe my next book will be about time in South America or one of the Pacific Islands. Good luck with your new book too.

  8. Just found your site and am intrigued. I’ve been living in various countries for the past two years and finding a place to live for several months has been the most difficult tack in each country. I have subscribed to your feed and will go to to look at your book. I have four books on sale there. I’m mostly interested in how you find people who need a housesitter.

    • Hello, Ken,
      A couple things….first, i have a tab on my web site called Find a House Sit. Go there and follow the link to an online agency that I recommend. I found some of my first house sits with this agency. After you have done a few house sits, I have found, people either call you back or refer you to friends. If you don’t mind sharing with me the locations where you have been spending time abroad, I might be able to give you other suggestions specific to your current locations.

  9. Hi Teresa,
    I’m so excited to read your book. Do you know when it will be available in paperback? Will you sell it through Amazon or from this page?
    Many thanks,
    Kim Bookless

    • Hello, Kim,
      My paperback should be available on Amazon in a less than a week. I will send you a reminder when it becomes available. Thanks!!

  10. Hi Teresa,

    We are a couple in our early 50s and we love your concept. We have been exploring freedom options for early retirement and housesitting sounds awesome! Steve is semi-retired as an engineer & real estate investor and I work for a large corporation managing site services. We’ve had our own business in real estate (apartment rentals, rehabs, and building new) so we know how important it is to find good folks to take care of a place so everyone wins. As we work on our freedom plan, we are trying to figure out health coverage so if you have any pointers we’d be interested.

    We just ordered your book from Amazon and subscribed to your web page. We look forward to reading about your adventures and hearing about the creative paths others are taking.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s exciting to know that there are folks out there doing some of the things we have been talking about and that we can learn from them.

    Steve & Carol

    • Hello, Steve and Carol,
      Sounds like the two of you have lots to look forward to these days. Thanks for buying my little book. I discuss health care options in the book as I retired at 54 from education and had no health care until 59 and half. My husband quit his job and went on the road with me for two years and he also needed to find coverage during that time. It is doable. Best of luck and stay in touch! It will be exciting to hear about your plans as they develop.

  11. Hi Teresa,
    I read your book last weekend and loved it. We are working on doing something every day to work toward a new flexible dream…we’re not always sure what it will look like, but we have a lot of fun & excitement considering the possibilities and taking action (baby steps can be amazing). I included a book review on Amazon (easily 5 stars). Thanks again.

    • Thanks, Steve & Carol for the fine review on Amazon. I appreciate it! Stay in touch. I love hearing about the various ideas that people come up with as they explore ways to be a tad freer. Maybe soon I will be interviewing you! Happy trails…….

      • Hi Teresa – I just caught up on your recent articles and they were helpful as always. Steve and I continue to take steps toward more freedom and flexibility and work to build our confidence on finding more creative ways to bring joy to our lives. We started with cleaning out some of our clothes drawers (got rid of those old turtle necks I don’t like any more), going through old files, and we just sold one of our desks on Craig’s List. We have started by taking baby steps which led us to our first housesitting assignment. We want to see how it feels. We live in CT and it’s in Lexington (outside of Boston, MA) for 5 days with 1 dog and 3 cats…we’re very excited! I still have a full-time job so we are constantly working toward simplification and trying to manage some of the fears that go along with leaving a job…we’re finding some form of action, however small, is great for boosting our confidence and adds to the excitement. I want to end this note by thanking you and the many others who share their stories and resources…we are very grateful. As we start to share some of the things we are doing or considering with our friends and family, we tell them it’s amazing the information that is out there! Carol

  12. Just bought your book. I can hardly wait to read it! Now that I finally have a kindle…. 🙂

    • Great, Heather! Hope you enjoy it!

  13. @Steve & Carol:
    I love hearing back from people, Steve and Carol, Bravo to your efforts thus far. Little steps add up quickly and get us to where we want to go. I hope your first house sit is a good one.

  14. Hi Teresa – We went on our first housesit in Lexington a few weeks ago and loved it! We had 3 cats (the dog stayed with friends) and were pleasantly surprised how much we enjoyed them. We don’t have any pets, but have been around them with friends and family. The home owner and house were great and we got to explore an area we’ve never been to…beautiful walks! We’re searching for our next housesit to see if we can squeeze it in this year using vacation time and in between some other family plans. Otherwise, we’re making plans for the next phase of our lives with housesitting as a great option! We continue to enjoy your articles. Thanks much! Carol

    • Hi, Carol and Steve,
      Congratulations! Could I do a short written interview with you guys and make it an eventual blog post. Just a few questions about your first -time experience.

  15. Absolutely! We would love to share our experience and possibly encourage others as we’ve been encouraged.

    • Great! Send me an email to I will then prepare three questions for you and send them to you privately. thanks!

  16. Hi Teresa,

    Just bought your book today and 3 hours later, am about to begin reading your journal. Wonderful! You are blessed to have a husband who shares the same dreams and wanderlust as you.
    So far, I haven’t read that you’ve house sat in France. Is that your choice or do the French not do that sort of thing much?


  17. Hi Teresa
    I downloaded your book by Amazon to my kindle. LOVE IT!!!! The journal was a nice touch as well – to see the day to day happenings. I have read it twice. I am single and have been downsizing my life to hit the road in the next 6 months. I am selling items and will be donating what I cannot fit in a small room (keepsakes will stay in a small spare room at parent’s house).

    Any suggestions specifically for single females? I have traveled to all 50 United States and 22 foreign countries but I have always traveled with friends/family or medical mission groups.

    • @Melinda: What destination are you heading forMelinda? I’m will be expating next year single as well. Good luck to you!

    • @Melinda: Melinda, I am planning on writing a short guide for women traveling alone in the near future. Until then, I have lots of creative suggestions for people of all ages, socio economic brackets and genders in my second book, Creative Paths to Freedom – How to Live Your Dream Life ASAP. You might want to check it out.

  18. Great another person to admire! 🙂 I am also thinking of doing the same thing. I hope I succeed in my efforts. I plan on moving next year to Cabo San Lucas, MX by next May. With plenty of luck and blessings I hope to make it by that date too.

    Much continued success to you!

    • Thanks! Best of luck to you and your future endeavors! Let us know how it turns out for you.


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