Becoming a Travel Writer – Life After Sixty

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House in Ireland

I have had a number of people who are interested in my international house-sitting adventures also express a measure of curiosity about how I managed to become a travel writer rather late in life. I am, after all, almost 61 years old, retired from my original career as an educator and enjoying the benefits of traveling a lot. Yet, recently, I have to question whether or not I am actually retired these days. I am happily involved in my house-sitting endeavors, travel experiences, and now a good deal of writing, some of it actually earning monetary compensation. Besides my book, Finding the Gypsy in Me – Tales of an International House Sitter, I have been writing for a Caribbean Hotel web site and publishing multiple articles about house sitting as well as my unusual perspective on various travel destinations. I have to confess, this all came about rather as a surprise, a delightful one.

Recently I published an article to a web site called Travel Writers Exchange. In the article, I discuss at some length this recent phenomena that has started to transform my life. You can read my article Can You Become a Travel Writer At Any Age? if you are interested. Just click the highlighted title!

I am thrilled to be able to share my experiences in regard to travel adventures with other people of similar spirit. Although I have had the luxury of being a wandering gypsy, I see myself moving happily into a new phase of travel by joining the ranks of digital nomads who carry their work wherever they go. I hope to mix house sitting and writing for many years to come.
Happy trails…………..

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  1. It looks like we have been heading down the same career path. My book is almost done and I too have been concentrating on writing and travelling. It is a great life and sometimes it just seems too good to be true.
    I hear that “retiring” is bad for your health so I don’t plan to. Not while I can still get around anyway. Keep busy I say.

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