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Because I’m always looking for ways to travel longer for less, flying cheaper and lighter have become synonymous.

If you don’t believe me, read a little further as I explain the flight deals that I recently found while planning my next trip to Europe.  First let me begin by saying that I mapped out a trip that included six stops along the way over a two-month period. Starting from my hometown in the midwest to Chicago, where I’ll spend a night in order to board a one-way flight the next evening to Dublin Ireland for — drum roll please — $180.  WOW AIR

That’s right!

I’ll change planes in Iceland and arrive the next morning in Dublin around nine. That’ll give me the rest of that day and the following day to do my thing. I happen to be very familiar with Dublin, so I won’t be wasting time trying to find my way around. Ireland has long been one of my favorite countries to return to whenever possible.  On the third day, I’ve booked a flight on RyanAir to Edinburgh for $40, a short one-hour flight. I’ll be in Edinburgh for four nights and I’m going to need every minute as this will be my first time to go to Scotland. My digs in Edinburgh

Next up? Well,  I’ve booked a flight from Edinburgh to Malaga for $40. Shortly after my plane touches the ground, I’ll be on a bus to my apartment in Torre Del Mar where I”ll spend the next few months.

So far I’ve spent $280.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I’m using frequent flyer miles for the round trip flight from my home  to Chicago.


I will do some traveling between March 7th and April 24th from my apartment in Spain, but most likely those trips will be done by train or bus. However, when it’s finally time to head back to the states, I’ll be flying Norwegian airline from Malaga to Copenhagen for $70. I’ll stay in Copenhagen for four days. I’m really excited about this stop along the way as I’ve never been to any of the Scandinavian countries before. This will be a much anticipated first. Norwegian airlines has also been booked for a one-way ticket back to Chicago for $220.

Big sigh ….

Are you impressed? I am. The total price of this trip with its six separately purchased airline tickets is $570 — I kid you NOT!

There must be a catch you’re thinking  …

And, there is. The price is real and I really love it, but the baggage restrictions are steep and if I can’t travel light as in super duper light, I’ll incur pricey fees that will reduce my good deals to a beautiful memory in the distant past. Although each airline has different restrictions, here’s how I’ll pack to make sure that I safely meet even the highest limitations.

Yep! A little Timberline backpack measuring 19 x 13 x 5 and a tiny purse that will accomocdate my passport and a few other personal items. That’s it! That’s the whole tamale. No checked baggage. No extra frills. Everything that I need honed down to the absolute barest necessities for a two month plus travel adventure abroad.


Do I mind? Nope! I’ve been traveling light for years and loving it.

I’m simply switching to a slightly smaller bag, but the biggest change is that I’m going full hippie woman by using a backpack instead of a carry-on suitcase with wheels. That’s gonna take some getting used to, I reckon.

I’ll be testing this method on two shorter trips stateside before I head to the other side of the pond to indulge my roaming feet once more. Stay tuned. I hope to end up demonstrating my expert packing skills.

Until we meet again, happy trails, my friends.


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