It’s Time to Roam — Again

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Catch of the day BBQ on the beach of Torre Del Mar by GypsyCamera

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. My life has been without much vagabonding. However, in about six weeks, that’s going to change. I’m getting ready to roam — again —and frankly, I can’t wait. I just had another birthday and my birthday conveniently coincides with the beginning of a new year, so as I ponder what I’d like to accomplish, seeing new places always enters the big picture.

My Home in Torre Del Mar

Our annual trip to Spain is always highly anticipated. In fact, I’ve finally negotiated an agreement with our landlord that I think is mutually beneficial. He’s agreed that it’s a lot easier for everyone involved if we simply secure the apartment for the months of March and April indefinitely. In other words, it’s ours to enjoy for as long as we want or until either of our circumstances change.

Click to Enjoy a Torre Del Mar Sunset

Not having to worry about where we’re going to live whenever we return to Spain is a real bonus. Plus, it’s so affordable that I doubt I’d ever find such a place for so little again. I’ve written numerous times about this little sixth floor apartment in Torre Del Mar located directly across the street from the Mediterranean Sea. While not a fancy abode by many standards, it is comfy and fully equipped with everything that a person would need to live like a local rather than a tourist. With a washer, dryer, fully equipped kitchen, wifi, heat, a spare bedroom and cable TV, we lack for absolutely nothing. All of this for roughly $500 a month is a steal even by Spanish standards.

This year we plan to traipse about a good bit more. Last year, we took it quite slow and easy and it was truly delicious. Nothing beats a morning cup of coffee at our favorite little restaurant and a stroll on the beach. The thrum of daily Spanish life is a beautiful thing, but this year, I’m looking to take advantage of cheap European flights in order to visit a few new places. Believe it or not, I’m still exploring Spain. I’ve purchased a flight on RyanAir from Malaga to Santiago De Compostela and a return to Malaga via Vueling. Both flights were dirt cheap, around 35 euros each.

(wanna know how to order a cup of coffee in Spain? Watch this little video)

Santiago De Compostela

Santiago De Compostela has been on my list of places to visit for a couple of years now. It’s located in the northwestern region of Spain in Galicia. There are several interesting things about this region. One, they speak their own language, Galician, which sounds a bit like Spanish and a bit like Portuguese. Also Galicians are quite fond of the bagpipes, better known as gaita. I know! That was a surprise for me, too! Many historians believe that Galicians have Celtic roots.

Santiago De Compostela, however, is most famous for it’s importance to The Camino de Santiago pilgrimage to the shrine in the Cathedral  where tradition has it that the remains of the apostle Saint James is buried. Many hikers and bikers enjoy the various routes that all culminate in this beautiful UNESCO world heritage city. Unfortunately, I won’t be hiking to get there, but I still fully expect to be inspired by the experience.

Read more about the Camino de Santiago


Where else will I be going? Back to Portugal no less! Several years ago, I spent about three weeks in Lisbon and I’m returning once again in order to explore a few new places. I’ll begin with revisiting the beautiful city of Lisbon but I’ll push farther north this year to also spend time in Porto. If you are a lover of good Port wine, then Porto is the place to go. Portugal continues to attract my attention. Interested in best-places-to-retire recommendations? You’ve probably already noticed that Portugal has made the list quite often. It’s stunningly beautiful but also boasts being the least expensive European country.

Port Wines — ooo la la

Old Friends

In addition to these little flights to far off places, I’ll return to Granada where I’ll spend the night in an old monastery, Ronda where I’ll take a secondary day trip to a neighboring ancient village literally built into the mountainside and, as always, I’ll climb the twisting roads to the whitewashed village of Competa. Of course, I plan to enjoy Semana Santa in Malaga as well which has become an annual tradition.

Between now and my departure date, I will write another blog post about cheap European flights. It is astounding how easily one can get around once you’ve landed on the other side of the pond. Until then….

Happy trails, my friends.

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  1. Exciting, amazing trip you have upcoming! So enjoyed this blog & look forward to following your trip!

    • Thanks, Sherry! I love your enthusiasm for travel. Happy trails….

  2. Truly enjoy the blog entry…wish I were going along but Cozumel will do for now. Going to try and earn some extra money for next winter.

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Looking forward to babysitting while you’re in Cozumel. You’re gonna have a grand time.

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