The Little Travel Coat That Could

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This is the little travel coat that could.
I bought it at a JC Penny store in Waterville, Maine over 15 years ago.  I gave $30 for it on sale at the time. It has been all over the world with me. When I find something that works, I keep it and use it for as long as possible. Recently, I had the coat repaired. The lining was ripped and the seam was coming apart under one arm. It cost me $14 to have it repaired. I now have $44 dollars invested in the little coat that could. It is ready to serve me on my travels once again.

What do I look for in a travel coat?
Well, this coat has a lining that can be easily removed. It also has hidden zippered pockets inside the two front pockets. There’s a hidden pocket inside the coat as well that can hold a passport. It’s water repellent and has a detachable hood. I happen to prefer a longer coat. If the wind is cold on the Scottish highlands, for example, the extra length will feel good. Fashion vs. serviceability does come into question. Since I’m not a mountain climber or any other sort of hardy outdoor adventurer, I can usually manage both. I guess you might say that I’m more of an urban adventurer. At any rate, the black and gray with silver accents of my little coat that could is classy enough to use in a variety of situations. Granted, I’m not using it for a trip to the frigid Alps nor am I wearing it to a red carpet event. Those scenarios would require something different. I happen to think I look kinda, sorta cute in this outfit, however. What do you think? Feel free to lie if you must …
No matter how long I’m on the road, I only carry what I can fit in my 19 inch backpack.
I absolutely hate checked luggage and having to wait in lines to retrieve it after arrival. I also hate hauling it around. My goal is to be kind to my body, so I really strive to travel as light as possible. I’ve been on the road for as long as eight-month stretches. Two or three months is very common. Regardless of how long, however, that’s my packing rule.
The feature photo pretty much captures my travel style minus the boots.
When it comes to shoes, I only take my Teva sandals and my sneakers. The Tevas fit in the bottom of my backpack nicely. I love my Tevas because they are designed with walking in mind. Boy, have I put the miles on my trusty Tevas. We almost never rent a car when abroad, so it’s not uncommon to walk as much as five to seven miles daily. Once again, I love my Tevas so much that recently I ordered a new pair just like the old pair. How long had I used the first pair? About five years. They are still usable, too. I ordered the new pair because I was afraid they might stop making the particular design that I’ve grown attached to. Like I said, when I find something that works, I use it for as long as possible. If I’m going to a cold climate, I leave the Tevas at home and only wear my sneakers. Often, however, I find myself experiencing a variety of climates. This upcoming trip, I’ll start out in Scotland before I move on to my apartment in Spain and end up in Denmark before I return stateside.
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I shock a fair share of people when they see how little I bring with me on the road.
Bear in mind, that I take a small laptop with me as well as an extra lightweight windbreaker for use on windy days while walking the beach promenade in Spain. The above photo is of me last year in Spain. The jacket is hanging across my Travelon purse as it was cool enough at the start of the day to wear it. Even in late winter, there are occasional days that start out chilly in the morning. The dress will go with me again this year. It folds up into nothing and never wrinkles. Since there’s so little room in my backpack, I know how to limit my choices of garments to the most versatile pieces of clothing. Granted I have a washer and dryer in my apartment in Spain, but I’ve been known to rinse a garment out in the bathroom sink in a hotel then hang it to dry in the shower. Hey, a girl has gotta do what a girl does to get by, don’t you know.
Incidentally, I took the selfie used as my feature photo while shopping in Dick’s Sporting Goods for sleeping bag straps. 
I needed something to cinch up my backpack. I’m flying with a number of inexpensive airlines that have very strict baggage limitations. In order to insure that my backpack fits in the measuring device before boarding, I’ll use three straps to compress it to the 10 inch width requirement. Otherwise, they’ll slap me with a fee and then I lose the good deal I got on the cheap airline tickets. Yeah, ya gotta be as cunning as a fox to beat the system these days. I welcome the challenge, however. Every time I win the travel games, I do a little dance in my trusty coat and Tevas just to remind myself that I got this. Yep! I got this! To fly from Chicago to Dublin for $150 one way is worth leaving some shit behind, I think.
So there you have it!
 I’ve been living everywhere but nowhere for a long time, over thirteen years, so it’s not surprising that I’ve learned a few things along the way. Keep it simple. Travel light. Find something that works and use it, something like my little travel coat that could.
Happy trails …
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  1. This is a great post. I love to travel light and usually travel with just one bag, but I need a few key pieces of clothing. This is helpful. Happy travels.

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