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My book is ready for purchase!

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that I’ve been absent from my own website for some time. You might say that I was distracted by other interests, the most recent being the publication of a new book. Yep! I’ve written and published a third book. Have We Been Screwed? Trading Freedom for Fairy Tales is a bit more controversial than my original books, but in a strange way still follows the ideals of the path I set for myself almost thirteen years ago. I’m a myth buster by trade and the older I get the more myths I’ve discovered that need my attention.

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Do you wanna know more?

My new book is part autobiographical and part philosophical. A fair amount of the book delves into the topic of my childhood.  I grew up in a religious cult. It was an unusual existence within a closed society that turned out to perhaps be partially responsible for my lifelong unwillingness to conform. The lemon tree in my case really did produce enough lemons to make lemonade. When I turned eighteen, I left home and was excommunicated from my family. With no money, job, friends, car, driver’s license or family, I set out to find my place in the civilian world. Soon, I discovered that the world at large required conformity, too. That really bothered me. I’d just broken ties with perhaps one of the most controlling subcultures in America. I had no desire to give up my emerging sense of personal autonomy once again. Eventually, I became a myth buster by trade.

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Every culture is filled with myths, fairy tales and cultural expectations.

We grow up thinking that life must be lived a certain way. Anyone who refuses to conform is considered an outlier. After all, who will marry us, hang out with us or befriend us if we’re too different? Cultural expectations are far more powerful than laws when it comes to controlling people. Most of us don’t even know that we have any choices. Yet, there are a thousand different ways to do anything, many of them happening simultaneously all over the world.

Without nonconformists, creative problem solving might cease to exist.

The modern world needs people with creative ideas, those who are willing to question and offer alternative solutions for big problems. Cultures tend to resist free thinkers, however. In my book, I examine lots of topics that are predicated upon silly myths and fairy tales. Some of the myths are harmless enough but many are at the very least limiting and others are downright lethal.  Marriage, romance, children, death, holidays, debt, the American Dream, friends and so much more  — I’ve questioned them all. It turns out that nothing they told is exactly as they said it should be.

Writing this book was quite an interesting experience. I started a FB campaign called One Book in 90 Days, challenging myself to write the book over the summer. I’m glad to report that I exceeded my goal. Not only did I write it in 90 days, but I also had it professionally edited, then revised and published. I like to say that it was the book that wrote itself, because it really did feel like it was flowing from my fingertips.

I hope you’ll give my book a chance. Support a writer by reading my book and then writing a review. It’s a tough world for writers. Probably it always has been. We need supportive readers as we struggle to put our thoughts on paper, publish, market a book, and hopefully, make a teensy bit of money to cover the expenses incurred with any writing project.

Happy trails ….

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