A Review of World Nomads Travel Insurance

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Taken from the Arlington in Dublin

Before my annual trip to Europe this year, I purchased two travel insurance policies with World Nomads, one for myself and one for my husband. Usually, I only buy the travel insurance offered when I get an airline ticket, but this year, I decided to spend a bit more and try a policy through a company that had come highly recommended by Nomadic Matt. I have followed Nomadic Matt’s adventures around the world for a long time and often appreciated his advice based on loads of experience. If Matt used World Nomads, then who was I to argue with him. So, I bought two policies to cover approximately nine weeks of travel to Europe with multiple stops in various countries for about $180 dollars each.

World Nomads

We had a rather rigorous trip planned starting with a string of airlines with one way tickets, including some of the bargain airlines that are quite common in Europe.

WOW, Norwegian and Ryanair saved us a lot of money. Our first stop was in Dublin where I’d planned to spend two nights before catching a Ryanair flight to Edinburgh. I’ve spent a lot of time in Ireland, but Edinburgh was my first visit to Scotland. Naturally, I had a longer stopover arranged so as to enjoy exploring that great city.

Gary and I in the Long Room at Trinity College

Best laid plans by mice and men as the old saying goes should also include women because my plans got turned upside down on their heads not long after landing in Ireland.

That’s right! The world almost came to a complete standstill as the worst snowstorm in thirty years hit the Emerald Isle and left me stranded for three additional days. I’m a seasoned traveler and have long accepted that there are lots of things that I can’t control, so we did a great job of making the best of our extended stay at the Arlington Hotel. Actually, we couldn’t have picked a better place, because the Arlington Hotel was like an Irish Las Vegas with great food, booze and entertainment ongoing. You can’t beat a band of Irish cloggers on a snowy winter evening.

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh

Although I had eight weeks of my trip left after leaving Scotland and arriving at my apartment in Spain, I decided to fill out the online paperwork as soon as possible.

I could’ve waited until I got home, but I brought my laptop along for just such a problem, so I rolled up my sleeves and got started. Whew! The paperwork was not for the faint of heart. It took hours of work and I quickly learned that it’s best to save every scrap of documentation that you can in a file because going back to track down things is time consuming. Any hard copies that I had kept to prove that I had indeed been forced to stay on in Dublin due to the storm were easy to take a screenshot of, however. Some of the questions seemed redundant, but I plowed through the long process over the course of a few days, saving my work and then reopening it when I had time. In all fairness, I’ve never had to make a claim with any travel insurance company before, so I have no idea if the process with World Nomads was longer than other companies or not. Needless to say, I breathed a big sigh of relief when I finally completed and submitted everything.

From the point of submission until the claim was settled, I waited about seven weeks.

I was notified when the submission was received and was sent a link to a site where I could check on the progress of my claim. Although, every time I checked there was little to nothing to actually see. Once, I sent a message asking how much longer it would take for everything to be processed and the company answered that claims were considered in the order they arrived. Mine obviously was waiting in  queue somewhere.

I’m happy to report that my claim wasn’t denied nor was I asked to submit additional material or clarification.

All that was required on my part was patience. The patience paid off — literally. Eventually, I received notification that my claim had been successfully processed and that two checks would be sent shortly, one for me and one for my husband.

A few days before we were scheduled to return home, I received the echecks via email.

I filed them away until we were home and then printed and deposited them at my local bank. We were also very fairly compensated, both receiving $455.00 each which more than made up for the extra nights at The Arlington in Dublin as well as reimbursing us for the guest rooms in Edinburgh. Because we were forced to cancel those room so late, the hotel policy didn’t allow any money back. Thanks to World Nomads, we may have been shortchanged three nights in Edinburgh but our pocketbooks were full again.

My experience with World Nomads was not only a good experience but a learning experience.

I know what types of information to save just in case I run into inclement whether in the future. I will definitely purchase a plan again with this company. Thanks, Nomadic Matt, for the recommendation!

Oh, and happy trails to my readers …

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