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Want to go to Europe and save money at the same time? If you haven’t made that trip to Europe yet, you know, the one you’ve been dreaming about for years, well, start planning it. I’ve been traipsing all over Europe for almost twelve years, and I plan to keep returning for as long as I’m able. In fact, I now winter in Spain every year which provides me with two great months to indulge in a few short trips away from my home away from home. I hope that made sense. So, here’s how I try to save money on flights when I’m planning my next trip to Spain.

What the heck is a stop-over flight?

First of all, I usually do a stop over on my way there and on my way back home. What’s that you ask? Well, I stop over in a city of my choice. Between my home in the US and my apartment in Malaga lies many beautiful possibilities for stop overs. I will be stopping over in Dublin this coming March. I can save money by purchasing a multiple stop airline ticket. Starting point — my home town— but I’ll be stopping over in Dublin on my way to Malaga, for about five days as a matter of fact. Then I’ll board a plane again and complete my trip to Malaga. On the way back, I’ll stop over in Dublin again for a few days and then make my way on home. All of that, believe it or not, costs roughly the same as a normal round trip ticket, but I get to explore a few old favorite places or a new city of choice. It doesn’t seem to work out so well monetarily, however, if I make a different stop over on my way back home. Then the price of tickets goes up, sometimes a lot.

Here’s my second tip…

I don’t let that discourage me, however, because I have ways of getting around that little set back as well. This year, I plan to take a side trip from my stop over city, Dublin, before I board the final flight home. I’m thinking of either Edinburgh or Oslo. Both are easily accessible by the Irish RyanAir or the British EasyJet airlines. Those two airlines offer very cheap flights between European countries and can save me a lot of money. So, I can tack on another destination for a handful of change and that’s okay by me. If you don’t know anything about those two airlines, go online and check them out for yourself. They are no frills but cheap and the fight time between most countries is endurable. It’s like flying between states in the US.

Now you can start planning your trip to Europe.

That’s my travel tip for today. I have a stateside trip coming up soon — November — so before I start talking too much about my European winter plan, I hope to have some great things to report about Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. That doesn’t mean I think that YOU shouldn’t go ahead and start planning your European trip. If it’s been on your bucket list for a long time, don’t put it off. You’ll never regret it!

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