Three Poems in the Indiana Voice Journal

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Antequera, Spain


I’m very happy to report that the Indiana Voice Journal published three of my poems in their September/October issue.

Three poems in the Indiana Voice Journal

I’ve been writing poetry since I was a little girl.

To this day, writing provides a wonderful outlet for creativity to flow. It’s also very cathartic. Although, I’ve never shared poetry on my website before, I decided it was time to start. I’ve written a number of poems  about the wanderlust spirit. I’ve also dedicated more than a few lines to my home away from home — Spain.

I’ve often wondered if creativity and the need to wander the globe are connected in some way. Certainly, whenever I  get off the beaten track to explore more of the world, my creative problem solving skills are required. Meeting new people, learning a second language, finding my way around, living on a tight budget are only possible if I’m willing to draw from my internal reserves. The benefits are numerous, including saving my little gray cells from atrophying due to lack of mental challenges. I love being on a learning curve.

Inspiration is a wonderful tonic for the creative spirit. I am regularly inspired by my travels. Here’s a few words that I wrote once upon a time while on the road.


There are far away places calling my name

And if I wander, I won’t take the blame

So when a penalty must be collected

Consider me protected

Levy a fine on Ireland’s forty shades of green

If you insist on being so mean

Or ask the blue seas of the Amalfi coast

To step aside and refuse to boast

Reprimand the white cliffs of Dover

Or tell the Grand Canyon that its time is over

Demand that Prague tear down its fair city

But offer nothing to me, just a little pity

Refuse to acknowledge a Spanish guitar

The dance of a people near and far

The morning skies over an Indian shrine

Or the lilt of a language other than mine

Blame them all for their tangible allure

And while you do, I’ll be gone for sure.

If you enjoyed that poem click the link below and read the three poems published in the Indiana Voice Journal — Nature Erotica, Little Yeses and Gypsy Soul. I bet you can guess what the last one is about. 

Three Poems by Teresa Roberts


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Happy trails whatever you create ….

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