Traveling Keeps Me Young

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I turned sixty-seven this year. Sixty-seven! Yet, I don’t care, because traveling keeps me young. I highly recommend it  if for no other reason than it will force you to step outside your comfort zone and your daily routine, firing up those old grey cells. When a person travels, learning something new or solving a range of unexpected problems is unavoidable.  Don’t believe me?

Try navigating the transportation system in a foreign country that doesn’t speak English. 

It can be challenging, especially for Americans that hail from regions where public transport is rare, almost nonexistent. Add to the dilemma that many Americans expect people to accommodate them by speaking English, when that’s not always possible, the very thought of using subways, city buses, trams and such can bring on a case of nervous hives. Yet, it’s these kinds of new experiences that an aging population often lacks.

I contend that’s one reason we grow old mentally, often before our time. 

I’m not talking about Alzheimer’s. I’m talking about growing old because we think old. Every day being just like the last can be comforting, but repetition encourages “old lady” or “old man” syndrome. You may know one of those people. They worry about trivia, fuss about their health and generally have lost a good part of the zest for life that makes being alive —fun. And, you don’t have to be sixty-seven to fall into that trap. I’ve met many a younger person that don’t welcome learning new things. We can get very complacent.

Are Travel Adventurers Unique?  (read why I think we are unique)

This year, I came to the realization that I only have three more years to be eligible for travel insurance.

I just purchased a policy for my regular return trip to my apartment in Spain from World Nomads . I have a whirlwind of activities planned. This year’s trip may be one of my most ambitious in some time. Purchasing a more comprehensive insurance policy to cover all the gallivanting I have planned is wise, something beyond what the airlines offer as an add on to the purchase of a ticket. That’s when it dawned on me that in a few years I may not be able to purchase such a plan. Gulp! Seventy seems to be the magical cutoff age. How dare they?!?!

I may not feel old but the rest of the world has decided that I’m too old to take a risk on.

Will it stop me from traveling? Probably not. There may be things that stop me from traveling, but that’s not one of them. And, yes, I’m beginning to feel the aging process in my body, but you know what? My philosophy is to ignore it. It’s probably inevitable, but my husband and I both intend to accept the inevitable without allowing it to define us. His bad knees and my recent bout with frozen shoulder simply are not enough to become the center of our universe.

The Real Trick to Aging May Be Just to Ignore It

So, this year, we take off for Spain with a full schedule. I mean packed to the gills.

We have two stopovers before we even arrive in Malaga. We’ll be spending time in both Dublin and Edinburgh. Nine days after our departure from Chicago, we’ll finally land in Malaga. After we get settled in our apartment, we will enjoy getting back into the swing of things, Spanish style. Torre Del Mar is definitely our second home now. Oh, and finally after thirteen years of returning to Spain, someone is coming to visit us again, my sister. The last time that happened was thirteen years ago on our very first longterm trip abroad when our darling daughter joined us. We’ll be showing my sis around in style. Oh, I mustn’t forget that this year I expand my firsthand experience of Spain by touring three UNESCO world heritage cities — Toledo, Avila and Segovia. Lots of train hopping and grey cell activity. No guided tours for us.

Wait! That’s not all.

On our return trip to the states two months later, we will spend a few days in Copenhagen, a first time adventure into Scandinavia, but not the last. I’ve been dying to explore these happy countries.

So there you have it!

My secret to aging well in a nutshell. Find something that engages you, something new. If you don’t fancy traveling as much as I do, learn a new language. Learn to play an instrument. Create art. Join a choir for the first time. Shake things up. Learning new things and having brand new experiences keeps us young.I have no desire to live to one hundred. I just want to make the most of whatever time I do have on this planet. How about you?

Happy trails ….

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