What is it About the Mediterranean?

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From the winding paths of Ravello, Italy.

What is it about the Mediterranean that pulls at my heartstrings and calms my mind? I’ve been carrying on a love affair with this sapphire sea for over a decade. Although I can find plenty of other places on this planet where I could happily spend loads of time, maybe even stay there indefinitely, yet,  I am drawn back to this one particular body of water.

I’ve immersed myself in its beauty from some pretty inspiring places to say the least. From the heights of Ravello, Italy where the likes of Greta Garbo and Gore Vidal wiled away idyllic days or from the Parador of the seaport city of Malaga, I’ve never been disappointed with the view.

You can read about Ravello, Italy here.

Amalfi Coastline in Italy

Having made my winter home in the seaside village of Torre Del Mar, Spain, I now manage to  ensconse myself in such a close proximity to this body of water that its the first thing I see every morning and the last that I see every night.  Yet, I long to see more …

You can see the views from the Malaga Parador here.


From the promenade of Torre Del Mar. Spain

From where else would I love to see yet another view of my friend the Mediterranean?

France, Monaco, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece? There are sixteen countries that have borders on the Mediterranean. Sixteen! My wanderlust would dearly love to explore at least a few more of these exotic locations. I am sure that each offers a magnificent vista of its own.

One of the lovely aspects of wintering in the Andalucia region is that magnificent mountains provide not only a backdrop for the Mediterranean splendor, but a vantage point. Take the winding roads up into the Almijaras and you will not be disappointed when you look back over your shoulders. The sea will be there in all of its glory. I’ve passed many tranquil hours sitting on the patio of a restaurant in the mountains sipping a coffee and basking in the view of the sea far below.

What’s your favorite breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea?

Happy trails …

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